Michael Ryan, a past pupil of Our Lady's and manager of the Tipperary Senior Hurling team, was in School recently to officially open the school bank (Bank of Michael RyanIreland). 

While here he spoke to 5th and 6th years about his journey with the Tipperary Senior Hurling team. 

He gave a very motivational talk to the group and spoke about the parallels between sport and school life.

He explained how the Tipperary team and management had to slowly begin building up the team. How their success has been based on hard work. 

He also gave valuable advice to all of our 6th year students. 

'whatever you can do, do it' 

Each student can do a lot in next 5-6 weeks, you just need to apply yourself, make a plan, follow it through and simply do your best. 

He also reminded students that the Leaving cert will not define you, you may meet some bumps in the road but it is essential that you learn from these mistakes. 

Very inspirational words.